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Curious George Birthday Cake Pattern
Monkey Cake Pan

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Curious George Birthday Cake Pattern
and Monkey Cake Pan

Curious George Style Monkey Cake Pattern
(scroll down for monkey cake pan & cake topper)

monkey cake colors

Click on the image above to see and download (or print) the cake pattern. Use the picture above as a guide for frosting your cake.

We created a free downloadable/printable monkey cake design for you to use!

First, see the monkey cake pattern. (It might look really huge at monitor resolution if your browser doesn't resize it, but it will print out just right if you set your printer to 300 pixels per inch, and landscape/horizontal mode.)

You can download the cake pattern first or print the pattern directly from your browser. Then click the back button in your browser to return to this page.

The circle outline of the cake pattern will print out to fit an 8" round pan, so you'll probably want to make a 2-layer 8" cake. If you need a larger cake, print the image and get it enlarged at a copy shop. (If you take the cake pan you intend to use with you to the copy shop you can make sure the enlargement is the right size before you get back home!)

Follow the colors in the image to the left: darker brown (chocolate) for the fur, lighter brown (add a little chocolate to some vanilla frosting) for the face and ears. Use black icing for the eyes, nose and smile.

The ears are made with cupcakes, cut to shape, in double layers. We suggest making half a dozen cupcakes in case they don't cut smoothly. (They'll cut better if completely cooled first.)

Level the cupcakes to match the thickness of the cake layers, and to make them stack better, then stick them to the cake using icing. If you frost the sides and top of the ears that will be next to the cake before attaching them to the cake it will make a neater edge. Just leave enough unfrosted to handle them with--or lick your fingers!

If you want, cut out the face part of the pattern and place it on the cake to mask it while you do the fur frosting. You can also cut out the ears to help you trim the cupcakes just right, so they are the same contour as the cake.


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